Operetta "Immortal"

Operetta "Immortal"

Start Date:  19 Sep 2020

End Date:  19 Sep 2020

Start Date Time:  20:00

Showroom:  Reception Area

Premiere of the operetta "Immortal"
in music and lyrics by Stefanos Kemanetzis, a graduate student of the composition composition of TMET.
The operetta "Immortal", although seemingly comedy, approaches philosophical, social and metaphysical concerns in an authentic musical-theatrical way. The main question to be answered is “what would have happened if a man was "condemned" to immortality”. If he couldn't die no matter how much he wanted to. How does he feel about losing his mortality? What are the social reactions to it? What is the thesis of science? A 30-member group of musicians and singers has been preparing for almost a year with great passion and maturity this official premiere of the musically multi-cultural and theatrically imaginative work by Stefanos Kemanetzis. The performance of the operetta at the Museum of Byzantine Culture will take place in a semi-staged form, with minimal stage objects, while the atrium peristyle of the Museum will be used as a "natural" stage-setting of the play, like a public “agora”. Language: Greek. Duration ~ 60 '