Feminism and Technoscience

Start Date:  06 Apr 2019

End Date:  06 Apr 2019

Start Date Time:  9.00

Showroom:  Amphitheatre "Stefanos Dragoumis"

This interdisciplinary and international symposium will explore the relationship between feminism and technoscience in the light of feminist activism as it was shaped in American society with regard to concepts such as body, nature and identity. Other themes the symposium will explore are: feminism and media, feminism and science fiction, race-ethnicity and feminist techno-science, feminism and reproduction technologies, pedagogy and technology, feminism-virtual reality-video games, feminism and post-humanism, femininism and medical narratives.

The symposium Keynote Speaker is  
 Lisa Tuttle (Writer of science fiction, fantasy and horror stories and novels)