Lecture by Mr. Giorgos Tsomis, associate professor of Philology (D.U.Th.), titled “In this way, I return changed

Start Date:  01 Apr 2019

End Date:  01 Apr 2019

Start Date Time:  19:00

Showroom:  Melina Mercouri

LecturebyMr. GiorgosTsomis, associateprofessorof Philology (D.U.Th.), titled“In this way,I returnchanged.The return of the Ancient Greek Tragedy: Aristotle, Euripides and the birthof Opera with the opera Euridice”byOttavio Rinuccini andJacopo Peri (1600). Organization:Association of the Graduated Students from the Schoolof Philosophyof the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (“Philologos”). The Museum is a supporter of the event.Entrance free.